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Archicad File Loading Issue

Hi, I am having some trouble with an Archicad File. I clicked on the exterior views in my view map, and it started loading, with a message that reads "Generating 3D document, calculating split polygons". This message remained loading for at least 15 ...

Migration Issue

Hello,I was working on migrating my template file from 25 to 26 and everything seemed to be going fine. When I finished there were missing library parts, namely a lot of doors and windows. When looking at the library parts, they gave different names ...

Issues importing LCF file

Hello, Somehow is not possible to import LCF file through Library manager. I got "Warning" that "These files were skipped during add" - what wrong am I doing? Would be really glad to get some help.

Resolved! Archicad 25 Stair

I am creating a custom stair on a project and was wondering if there is any way I can start the stair with a custom shaped landing. The stair is coming off a deck and and I would like to know if I can edit the shape of the first step. Any help is app...

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Resolved! Intersection Priority Not Working Slab & Wall

I have been working on a new project template based off the AC22 template. Within the AC22 template, I'm able to make intersection priority between wall and floor composites work fine. However, when I make building materials and composites with the e...

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EH21 by Booster
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Resolved! What type of a reveal is this?!

Hello!I got sent a floor plan, that was probably made in AutoCAD, that has a reveal I cant seem to replicate.I've spent like 2 hours trying to find a solution on how to make it but just cannot find a solution...Can someone please help me Would be muc...

Window reveal not showing in 2D floor plans!?

Hello, I'm having some issues with my floor plan not showing window reveals and was wondering if anyone knows why?The window settings seem to be ok, the reveal even shows in 3D views. But in floor plans they're non existent? Thanks!

move railing post

I want move railing post according to cloud , I cant did not move , and not showing move or properties option, how to move this , please help I'm new here

Archicad 26 - 2D Antialiasing - Possible BUG

Hi, i usually work on a 27" inch 4k display at 150% windows scaling and with 2D antialiasing turned off. Half the lines are thick and blurry. Scaling at 100% is a bit better but you can still see the the problem.No problem at all with Archicad 25.

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