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stair tool (help creating stair)

i am trying to create this stair using the stair tool but to no success ( in the attach file show what i get using the stair tool and what i want to get) any help is appreciated

customize 2D symbol (floor plan, elevation) of object

Hello, I would like to customize the 2D symbol of already existing objects in ARCHICAD library. Each object has its own Masterscript, which I do not want to erase (I would also erase the options to customize the whole object) - but otherwise is my 2D...

Complex Profiles | Fixing Edges?

Reposting in this part of the forum: I'm struggling to use the profile manager. Here are a few images to illustrate the issue I'm having: The intention is to create a wall profile and be able to stop the top of gyp board below the top of wall framing...

Siding overlaps window frame at sill?

When I cut a section through a window in a composite wall, the outside siding material overlaps the window frame at the sill, unlike the frame at the head which protrudes through to the face of the wall. I'm attempting to generically represent a nail...

700c by Beginner
  • 7 replies

wall intersection erro

Hi I cheked Ref. line, material priority, layer intersection group and attach order but at the of the insulation, they are work properly can you give me a advise? I attached the images plz check

Park by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Profile Manager - Anchoring Edges?

Is it possible to anchor fill edges to the stretch modifiers in a complex profile? I am struggling to achieve control of complex profiles that have more than a single fill object. ie: I want to make a wall profile that has core elements the full heig...

Does Special Menu still exist in AC23?

I tried to activate the Special Menu in AC23 (there is still a registry entry for it), but it wouldn't show up in the list of available menus. What I really need is the "Show Penetration Line" command. Is there an alternative to this now?

Australia Fires

I would like express my solidarity with our Australian friends during this hard time with all these wild fires. I hope you and all your families are doing well.

Braza by Newcomer
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As you can see in the 2 attached images, the finish of the composite floor, in image 1 is good and in image 2 is bad. The problem for me is that the "normal" is to refer the floor levels to the finished floor and not to the structural element. The ex...

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