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Do I need BIM Cloud?

When searching for a library object, I used to have the option of searching BIMcloud libraries. Now that I'm using R23, I no longer seem to have this option. So I rambled off into the BIMcloud weeds, downloaded it, set it up, and can now see that it ...

DennisG by Participant
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Intersection Priority for Three Walls

I have three walls that meet in a point There are lots of things to understand here, but we'll start with this and work our ways in;) At 1), the intersection priority of the purple 905 and at 2), the intersection priority of the orange is 711. Why do...

Window/Door 3d opening line pen - Model view options

Hi All, I would like to control "Show Opening Lines in 3D Projections" for doors and windows through Model View Options, however there is no option here to control the pen for this through model view options. If I choose "Override Model View Options"...

Reset orientation in section

I can see that the option to rotate the orientation in section is unavailable, but I was only wondering if rotating the view in section is anyhow possible?

Project North not relating to the shadow diagram

Im having trouble with rotation my north to reflect the true sun. As a standard north is always up the page but to see my whole plan I have rotated it to fit an A3 page. See image below. If I change Project North the shadows stays the same. why is th...

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