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Arched-topped windows

Are there ways to create arched topped windows (see attachment) from windows in the standard Archicad library? If not, How might I find or create such windows?

Detailing Door Frames

Do we have some better detailing of doors? As it is now, we only have a square, but it's not really telling alot;)

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AC 23 Polyline bug (Adjust command)

Well, let me juct copy paste a post from AC 21, seems like the same thing happened again. Graphisoft please give us new bugs, don't repeat the old ones! Is is just me or the polylines in AC 23 do not work properly with the "adjust" command? They will...

Set the story using number

Is there a method to set the story of a wall for example using a number? I have a wall starting 60 cm below the 0 of his real story; it's a wall of a balcony. Grasshopper set automatically the story below but I want it belong to one story above.

Display Order issue with columns and walls.

Hi, am new here but have lurked for a long while, thanks for the help! So I have a plan where my columns are stacked below my partition walls and no amount of display order tinkering can get them on top, I understand that these elements are of the sa...

Looking for a tutorial on creating custom door panels

Our office is new to AC and we regularly spec custom doors. I need to know tips and tricks for creating good door panels. Can you post a link that is not too old. I would like to also know if doors will keep rail and style dims when resized? Can I al...

Resolved! PBC and Door/Window Issue

Hi Folks, I'm facing an inconsistensy within the PBC (Priority Based Connection) concept... - I have a door opening on a wall based under the finish floor; - My floor finish cross this door. The logic behavior would dictate that if the floor was cros...

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Resolved! Roof at round corner and windows problem

Hi guys, I have two problems: a) how can I make a roof that would fit to my round corner hole ? (in the picture below). I think I can't do it in any way, or just don't know how... b) there is many windows in this building and I need to have them with...

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