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How to hide lines on an arc?

HI! How can I hide the line on the arc when I use the PYRAMID command? I have tried to modify various parameters and failed. pen 1 material 18 addz 0.7 CUTPLANE del 1 !---------------------------------------------------- PYRAMID 8,1,1+4+8+16, -0.1, -...

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Complex profile section through window without lines

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, I have not been able to find that someone wrote about this problem. When a section is made through a window in a wall that is made as a complex profile, no lines are displayed above and below the window. Do...

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  • 6 replies

Reassign Parameter setting from Ancestor

Is there a way to reassign all the parameters setting of a large set of objects from their ancestor? I tried without success using "LP_XMLConverter fixhierarchy" Now to do that I need to make it one by one with three steps: [list=]change the subtype ...

Resolved! MEP Inline Object with3 Connections instead of 2

Hi there; Is it possible that an MEP inline object have 3 connection instead of two ?? I´m asking this since that the object that I'm creating and although it's an HVAC equipment, it have an extra option for an electronic switch which needs to be con...

A String Parameter with Multiline info

Hi there, I was asking if it's possible de assign a multiline information to a text parameter in the following way: Parameter __xx = "One" + (something) + "two" + (something) + "three" So that when I print it I see it in the following way Print __xx ...

How to create angled windows

I am trying to connect this window so that the window joins to the angled window. I am using the object library to place these windows into the wall. I want the windows to schedule which is why I am trying to do it this way as opposed to modelling a ...

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  • 5 replies

Internal references to models in AC 22 Solo?

I have a site with several instances of the same building placed in it. Is it possible to create modules of hotlinks so that I can have one master model of each building type? I know that this could be done if running AC Teamwork, but we have Solo, i...

Custom Arch Window Sash

Hello, I just created a custom window sash out of slabs and saved my selection as a window sash. I was then planning on using this Custom Arch Window sash in an Arch top Window. However, the ArchiCAD arch top window does not have an option for a cust...

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