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Favorites Parameters / Element Transfer Settings

Hi all, I'm a bit confused with the Favorites Parameters. Has this been replaced by Element Transfer Settings? I find a lot of Help pages like this: this:

Architects: Revit or ArchiCad?

Archicad offers flexible working & adaptable tools from a company that cares about its users. Revit - If you are happy supporting greedy corporations. Seriously, you should try both before you make a choice, but a grounding in Archicad won't hurt.

Good GDL content

We are trying our first project in Archicad, looking at transitioning our office of 20+ staff over from Vectorworks. We are struggling to find good GDL content to build a library of interior elements such as furniture, light fixtures, plumbing fixtur...

Change the sizes proportionally

Hi, I created an object with archicad20 with the size "B" locked and the other 2 sizes (A and ZZYZX) that were modified proportionally with the symbol of the chain. I lock size "B" with script parameter lock "B" The same object, in archicad 22, I can...

mest79 by Newcomer
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RhinoWIP support? (Rhino for Mac v6)

Hi, I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, as there is not much of a Rhino related buzz either here, or at the McNeel Discourse. I'm using the RhinoWIP (on macOS 10.14) with the ARCHICAD 22 – mainly via hotlinking Rhino files, or merging...

furtonb by Enthusiast
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3D Subjects disappear

Hello, I have a problem Archicad 3D View, at my computer Windows 10 use to disapear 3D Objects like Stairs, Facade-Elements... suddenly while drawing. After that I am not able to get them back in any settings. I can just see them as transparent surfa...

electrical symbols

Hallo, I'm wandering if there is a specific library for electrical symbols. I need to draw an electrical plan project and I would like to have symbols to be seen both in plan and in elevations . Thank you

Stair skirting

Hello, How can I make a stair skirt. I have tried stringers to get it and convert it to mroph but it dose not work. Should I model . thank you.

Resolved! Chain of Walls

Hi Guys and happy new year to all of you. Please, why I cannot find the 'chain of walls' tool as the image? Thanks in advance.

Eman by Participant
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