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Trial version & student version

Nell'attivazione di Archicad 22 ho scelto la versione trial e non la versione educational. Appena lanciato il programma sembra che la licenza sia solo commerciale. Alla scadenza potrò lo stesso richiedere la licenza per studenti della durata di un an...

GDL library object problem

I have a problem with my objects' library. When I add them to my 3d view (perspective view) they failed to view their original texture OR material and all of layers get one color in which selected in object default setting/model/override surface and ...

Morph Tool for a curved and sloping wall

When adding a wall as hand rail to a circular stair, and morphing is applied to the wall to create a sloping wall, the wall ends stay perpendicular but the centre part of the wall leans out at about 4 degrees. . This is very prominent in the 3D windo...

About bending elements

I'm working on an old project I had done before in Maya.I try to transfer it to Archicad. I'm stuck in the butterfly's antennas, which are fading out on their edges(circle profile and bending). I have tried shell,morph . I can not make the circular p...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

BIM and Visual Programming Survey

Hi All, I am a part time student in the U.K. and I am conducting research into BIM and visual programming and I would be very grateful if you could complete my survey. I am told by survey monkey that it should only take 15 minutes. I will also be pos...

SJM84 by Newcomer
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AC 22 - Incorrect wall closure at sliding doors

Hello everyone, I'm questioning here at the first time, so sorry if the topic is stupid )) I had some strange image at the slidang doors D3 & D4 floor plan. Actually, I need the pocket doors, but with 3 and 4 door leaves, so I'm failed with simple po...

TataMi by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Project2 query

Hello, I want to be able to control the 2D pen but I also want to be able to control the 3D pen for elevations separately. However, when I use project2 3, 270,2 in my 2D, the 3D pen overrides the 2D pen that I want to use. Is there any way around thi...

JGoode by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

No reaction in Property Settings component

I connect a Wall Settings component to a Wall Design component. With connected number sliders I can change Height and Slant angle so everything works. When I connect a Property Settings component and connect it to the related Settings input I cannot ...

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