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Section Marked Distant Area

I must be going crazy here, but can not for the life of me seem to access the section marker 'distant area' function any more. Placing a section marker with limited horizontal extent, the extents marker is adjustable, but there is no distant area lin...

EcoDesigner Star - zone calculation not converging

Hello! Until now my energy simulations has been running smooth on this project. Now after about 2-3h of simulation it fails with the error ID 139 "zone calculation do not converge". I have no clue what is causing this. Is there no detailed report on ...

A Staahl by Newcomer
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ARCHICAD group within a group

I know ARCHICAD is capable of making groups within a group, but is there a way to "drill down" into a group whilst suspend grouping is off? E.g. I have three rectangles, A, B, and C. I make A & B into a group (Group 1). Then, i make Group 1 and C int...

Coordinates of Property Label 21

Hi all. I would like to set the center co-ordinate of Property Label 21 to the center of the text. At the moment its set at the bottom edge, which is where the extension line begins. I cant find the starting co-ordinate for the extension line. My sea...

"Grasshopper not running" when, in fact, it is.

I can launch Archicad 21, Rhino 5, and Grasshopper all like normal, but when I run the connection it shows that Grasshopper isn't running. I'm a student and use the education version of Rhino 5, and primarily Archicad 21 for students, but I have this...

Sill to wall base height discrepancy

Hi, I'm experiencing a discrepancy in a project I'm working on: Sill to wall base height is set to 900 mm. In my plan, however, the window label says 599 mm. Can anyone explain this, and what to do about it? See attached screen shot. I appreciate any...

Truls by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Resolved! How to make a Library object?

There are occasions while using archicad where an GSM object in the library just isn't quite right for what a product I wish to use. This leads to the question, Can I make a variant or a new object to meet my needs? Modelling and 2D drawing an object...

RJSmart by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Trouble trimming wall

I am stumped as to why I can't trim a wall. Since I needed to show several pictures I have attached a file (word) that includes the pictures and an explanation of the issue. I have some thoughts on what is happening but I am hoping that someone can e...

DrWho by Newcomer
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