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Component Level Design Workflows - Conversation & feedback

Hi All, Now in Archicad, most design and data are handled at the element level - assigning properties, using Graphic Overrides or setting renovation status are a few examples.To express design intent and extract data at a more detailed level, the com...

James B by Graphisoft
  • 127 replies

Resolved! Filter zones by zone category in the zone schedule

Good time of the day, gentlemen I'm trying to create a schedule with zones that belong only to one schedule. Therefore, I'm trying to filter them by that paramenter. The problem is that this parameter can be found only in the "fields" section of the ...

IsaacNewton_0-1670419736940.png IsaacNewton_1-1670419878259.png

Resolved! Same stories - Interactive changing model

Hi, I'm doing apartment house which have 8 stories and from 2-7 stories are same. I'm looking how to do model with all plans with the same changes.For example when I move bed I would like to this change in all other plansHow you usually dealing with ...

Resolved! Line tool

Im having trouble with my line tool. I upgraded to AC 26 a few months ago but have not used AC 26 (or AC for around 4 months). I recently upgraded the macOS to and then recently macOS Ventura. The software will not let me change the line type, and I ...

Unable to set CW Composite Panel skin building materials

Hi Team, We have come across an issue in AC26 when trying to use Composite Curtain Wall Panels. When adjusting the Skin Structure, we are unable to expand the Building Material dropdown to change the Building Material, effectively rendering the Compo...

AC 13 to AC 26

Hi all,I was a AC user (architect) from ver. 9 to 13. I went into affordable housing development after that and retired a few years ago. However, my wife and I have just purchased property to build a house and will use AC 26 to design. Back in 13 I h...

BpsArch by Participant
  • 4 replies

Sliding Door Not visible in 3D View

Does anyone have a solution for sliding door panels that do not appear in 3D with Archicad 23? My settings are set to full resolution in 3D view and the door opening toggle is set to 0mm. The sliding panel does not appear in elevations either, only t...

Tim23 by Contributor
  • 16 replies

Edit existing GDL objects to add missing features

Hi all, Is there a way to edit GDL objects in AC 25 to add some missing features that I need? For example:I have here "Horizontal Multi-Sash window 25" how ever it does not have a feature to add transom. Is there a way to add the missing feature in t...