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What Image Size for Hatch

Hello guys, I tried to create a hatch with one of my images but when I tried to add the picture its not shown in the folder where its supposed to be. Could it be because of the format of the picture? Do you have any other ideas why i cant find it and...

LeonB by Newcomer
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Resolved! Profiled Rail in my ArchiCAD file disappeared!

Dear friends and colleages, I would like to know how I can bring back (Profiled Rail 26) feature to my ArchiCAD file! I don't know why this feature of Railing Tool has been disappeared from Railing Dialog Box of my file! Your kind help and guidance i...

moreha-1 by Contributor
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1. How do i change wall colour to just white? 2. How do i make line drawn using line tools thick? 3. How do i draw curved walls?

Resolved! Reload library command?

Is there a command to refresh all libraries (same as 'Reload and Apply') without needing to open the Library Manager, clicking or reload and then closing the window?

JohnJay by Expert
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Corner of Walls

Hello, I have an issue where a portion of the wall will stick out beyond the corner. All reference lines are connected, so not sure what's causing this. Any help would be much appreciated. See attached images. Thank you

Resolved! Intersection priority doesn't work properly

Good time of the day gentlemen I have the finish floor and partition walls with various intersection priorities set to their materials. They don't work as expected however. Bellow is the section of the intersection: The wall should go through the ins...