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Resolved! Intersection priority doesn't work properly

Good time of the day gentlemen I have the finish floor and partition walls with various intersection priorities set to their materials. They don't work as expected however. Bellow is the section of the intersection: The wall should go through the ins...


Pen type not changing on cover fill

Hi!I'm trying to change the settings for my section to make the appearance just black and white lines (as this is the graphic style I prefer). I'm using two tiles (one white - one black) and they look too similar in elevation and I would like to show...

Resolved! Working Units accuracy with zero decimals

Hello everyone!I Use Archicad since AC12, and its incomprehensive for me since than:If you set in "Project Preferences" > "Working Units", to zero decimals (doesn't matter if it is in meters or centimeters or other unit), if you create a wall with 1....

Roof goodies not showing in design extras tab

Hi, I cant seem to locate the roofing extras options from the "Design Extras" tab, its imply not there. I have installed, reinstalled the goodies and I have loaded up the accessories library to the project too. Also run update checks but to no prevai...

Morph Menu missing options in Archicad 25

We have recently moved from Archicad 22 to 25. Until now it has been a breeze of a transaction, but I today I got stuck with morph editing.Maybe it's a little hook missing somewhere. Maybe I am crazy. But I can't edit my morphs the same way as I coul...

Helm by Participant
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Resolved! contour mesh

hey allim trying to create the contour lines mesh but for some reason creating the contours isnt actually following the contours spline lines from the survey.please refer to images. (this is an example spline lines )


Resolved! Why the whole 3D model get purple?

I received a 3D model file from my friend when I opened it, the whole materials are gotten to purple. and I can just change them by painting materials. Also any walls I draw in the file, are purple as well.My friend and I use Archicad 25. Does anybod...

Marzieh by Participant
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Imported point clouds are misaligned

Hello,For months I have been struggling with this specific problem:When importing E57 point clouds a into new, empty model, everything works fine. But as I keep working on a model (add 2D and 3D elements, views, change different settings etc.) and tr...

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Mike96 by Enthusiast
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