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Resolved! Plumbing wet wall in hotlinked apartment to cut through slab

Technical question here from a newbie - Our multi-story residential project has a bunch of hotlinked apartment layout variations (from a single .mod file) per floor; say, four apartments per floor. Boss would like that the plumbing wet walls (i.e. ad...

Resolved! How to save edited walls doors windows etc

Hello! I am new to Archicad so this may be a stupid question. When I edit an element (for example changing the width of door), how do I save the element so that I can reuse it elsewhere on the model? In Revit I would duplicate a premade object, edit ...

danfb12 by Participant
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Stair shows as a folded plane in 3D

I cannot figure out what the heck is going on here. I've drawn a monolithic stair in plan and it shows up fine. In elevation, it also shows up fine, but in 3D, it shows up as a thin plane that mimics the treads and risers. It's also brick textured fo...

dcerezo by Enthusiast
  • 17 replies

Roof training materials

HiWe are progressing through the free training videos and having looked at the various other resources are surprised that there is nothing specific to modelling roofs. Is this something that Graphisoft has been made aware of? Do other users feel this...

Very Large Empty File (65MB)

Hi all, I have a file size that was saved to 200mb and i found that it was unusually large. I decided to delete everything in the file and save a copy of it, and it came up to be over 60mb Could anyone help me with understanding why my empty file is ...

astonyap by Participant
  • 5 replies

2d symbol for Archicad's native objects

Hello, I'm having a problem with self made 2d representation of Archicad built-in 3d objects.What i am trying to achieve is to add for example a dashed centerline let's say for archicads native library chair object in plan view,. To do so, i chose th...

Kaspars_3-1645029196706.png Kaspars_4-1645029225893.png
Kaspars by Contributor
  • 4 replies

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