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3D Document Texture appearance

Hello everyone,I have a 3d document view of a library axonometry as shown on 001.jpg This is the general way I want it to appear. Is there any way to make the wood texture (as seen on 002.jpg) visible in my 3d document?Thanks!

BimX navigation controls

Please GS, for the love of God sort out the controls for BimX model viewing!!! Its painful! The "game" mode walk around controls are inversed when using the mouse to look around. Please at least make an option to customize controls. Or is there a fil...

Resolved! layer combination in layouts

I have a master layout for all of my architectural layouts, and I have a few different layers on the master to show/ hide a few items. I had assumed that if I make a layer visible on the master layout, it would show in the layouts that use the master...

sheet index ideas

I create a "sheet index" for every project and place it on my cover sheet. Currently I control the layouts that show in this index with the layout master, ie as I develop my layouts I assign one of our two masters to the layouts I wish to show in the...

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