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Edges Quality in 3D View

What settings should I change on my iMac, that AC17 would show the edges in 3D view the same quality as it was in AC16? Please look at the attached illustration.

Dalius by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Convert VBE to BIMx

Hi, I'm using AC14 with VBE which works reasonably well for my purposes. I have downloaded BIMx which from a viewing point of view looks pretty much the same as VBE except I obviously can't save/export the file. I also download the BIMx android app h...

1606 by Newcomer
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So I'm trying to finish a submittal and they want colored elevations... So I thought I'd just line up an orthogonal view and render in archicad.... I've got a long skinny sky background and set up the rendering to use it... It pops in the render wind...

Layouts and pen sets

How do you define which pen set is used in a layout? I don't mean drawings placed into a layout but texts, lines etc. placed directly into the layout. I'd love the rawing titles to print in black but it seems to me that the pen set used is sometimes ...

Ligtworks Materials

Hello. I'm trying to render using Lightworks for the first time I'm using a wood material that I'm not too happy with but all the others are a darker wood type. is there somewhere you can download materials to lightworks? I use ACAD 16 EDU on Windows...

Sketch render view angle won't change

I am using AC17 on a mac sys 10.8.3 The view when I go to sketch render keeps reverting back to a particular view . I cannot change the view no matter how often I change the view in parrallel projections it keeps reverting back to the same view. To m...

Maxwell background omit

Just curious if anyone knows how to get rid of a background that has been generated in MAXWELL rendering? The goal is to be able to render out a image from Archicad using Maxwell and do sort of green screen for the background so it can easily be sele...

ares997 by Newcomer
  • 3 replies