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Resolved! Window Legend - Remarks

I deleted the "Remarks" from the Window Legend, but now I want to add it, but I cannot find it anywhere in the Field pull down panel. Where can I find it? Hopefully I will be notified when a reply is posted because I checked that on, but I was not be...

Angle Degree ° shown as "?"

Hi all, wish to ask for your help to solve my problem. I am using Archicad 20. My Archicad failed to show the ° character & show ? instead. Wish to know if there is anything i can do to tackle this. Thanks!


Hi Folks! I was trying to deactivate the contour line of Zones in Graphic Override Combinations (see attached), but the contour line still appear. Obviously I can deactivate the contour line in Zone Selection Settings but the idea is set a combinatio...

Export / Load Door/Window Marker?

I see the option to load a door or window marker in the tool, but I have not figured out how to export a marker. Can I export the current marker settings I am using and save as my own to appear in the list of available markers?

Mike D by Newcomer
  • 1 replies


Hello, I am using a BIMx file in Graphisoft BIMx Viewer of a home and the site site/property and was wondering if there is a way to use it to show a direct plan view looking down from above. Thus far I have just been able to fly up and look down and ...

Graphic schedule, morphs, plan, elevation 3d

Hello I have a graphic presentation question, my building is structural stone blocs. Each block is modelled using morphs, as this allows me to shape each bloc as needed. Each bloc gets an ID and then I would need to represent each block in elevation ...

Foti by Newcomer
  • 10 replies

Adding jpg balloons pdf file size

I have to just assume this is the way it is (but should not) be, but does anyone know of another option here? I send out plan files most days, and if they are too large I have to break them into different emails. Not desirable. A typical pdf size wit...

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