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PERMIT drawings

Fellows, Been tying to use the renovation filters for differentiating between planning and existing drawings (proposed and existing) - red versus black lines, if you like. Please - whats the best way to set this up ? Is it a graphic overide ? If so, ...

atfonit by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

AC22 zone label removal

Hi all, I've had Zones creates as favourites for a while now, recently upgraded to AC22 and some of the Zones I create contain labels that I can't see how to remove. Extremely frustrating to dick around with these things when you're trying to get a p...

Graphic issue cutting plane loss information

Hello This issue has started to happen to me when I zoom in on an element to work on in detail, as I zoom in there seems to be some kind of cutting plan in front of me that cuts in everything. I don't have the cutting planes active. I found this only...

Foti by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Datasmith for ArchiCAD

Anyone tried out the preview yet? It opens up so much without the need to export your model to .3ds first. Another reason for me to get back to figuring out how to drive UE4. Ling.

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