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Modifying Skin List Label in GDL

Hy guys,I've already asked this in topic I opened before, as a reply on one of the solutions, but no answer yet, so im opening a new topic, sorry if im offensive.I found that the best way to achieve my goal, is to modify skin list label tool a bit. T...

artecon by Booster
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Resolved! Project opening screen

Hi all, I'm setting up my template in Archicad 25.Looking to have an opening/starting screen that opens every time when a project is opened, instead of the last saved view of the project file. In Revit there is a starting view default that can be set...

MylesG by Participant
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How do I set the position of the beam label?

In REVIT, as in the image below, set 6 positions and distances and put them in at once. Here's what I set up in Archicad as much as possible.Is there any other setting method? All I did was select almost all the Labels and go back to them.

LeeJaeYoung_2-1665836253583.png LeeJaeYoung_1-1665836204950.png LeeJaeYoung_3-1665836286430.png LeeJaeYoung_4-1665836508055.png

Resolved! Transparent Railings

Dear Community, I was trying to make these type of railing into Elevation. Railings is made by a material, no matter what I tried I can't make it transparent.P.s Transparency is ON. I would like to make the Railing to be shown just like the hatch is,...

Railing 1.png Glass-Hatch.png Galender Elevation.png

Resolved! How to position the second dimension?

In Revit, there is a dimension snap distance, so when you go to a gap, the snap works so you can place it easily. I place it on the first dimension and move the gap again. I am a beginner. ^^I would appreciate it if you could tell me the easy way.The...

LeeJaeYoung_0-1665731725950.png LeeJaeYoung_1-1665731757549.png

Can't build wall

need tip why i can't build new wall like in example in video ? what's wrong with my file or actions ?

Resolved! Show Custom Scheme in Change Manager

Hello, I feel there is no real way to do this but just in case I'm missing something: Is there a way to show a custom field from the Change Scheme under Changes in the Change Manager? For example I have a "Description" field in my Change Scheme, is t...