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Resolved! wall adjustable corners

All my walls have now 4 selectable corners (instead of 2) and they don´t connect with each other any more. I also can not extend them normally, it is always pulling one corner.Anyone know how is that possible?I didn´t choose in the settings that corn...

1_wall changable corners.jpg 3_wall that should not be changing corners.jpg 2_right wall.jpg
ananas by Enthusiast
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Cannot open file

Hi, i am architecture student, i can't open my file, there's no error or notification that my file are corrupts or something, the program stuck on 3d updating. please help me ASAP, tomorrow i should have complete my project and send that to my profes...

Archicad 25 needs 30 minutes to start

I have a Windows 10 machine. Till the last week Archicad25 worked.But now after clicking on "new" project the mouse shows "busy" and nothing happens for 30 Minutes.After 30 minutes it shows the dialog "license not found"I already have reinstalled Arc...

Resolved! The Roof looks different than what I first created it in the Floor Plan.

Hi, I wonder if anyone has had the same problem. I created a gable roof that looks alright at first in the floor plan. But for some mysterious reason, it doesn't look like a Gable roof at all later on. As you can see, it looks a lot different than wh...

Roof Problem2.jpg Roof Problem3.jpg Roof Problem1.jpg
BoonMa by Newcomer
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Resolved! Railing Drop Down Choice Issue

Hi. I am trying to learn the stair tool and was watching a video where the person had a choice of handrails from the drop down menu. He said it was part of his handrail tool (A21). I am using 22 and only have the empty favourites bar because I haven'...

Screenshot 2022-06-14 144101.png Ode1_0-1655182012044.png
Ode1 by Booster
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Accessories Add-On - not showing in menus

I am using Archicad 25 and I am unable to use or even see accessories as an option under design extras. I have installed the goodies and also added to the library, but it is not showing up. Any advice??

Resolved! I'm trying to drill a hole in the railing wall.

1. When working with the opening tool, opening should not be turned off in the MVO in the structural drawing.The lower part of a window is an opening in the lower wall. 2. If Window is empty, the window is removed from the MVO in the structural plan,...

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Letter "Y" sorting looks in wrong place

I have words "BYA", "BRA" and "BTA" and want to sort them but somehow Archicad sorts letter "Y" wrong. I'am using INT Archicad version and as I understand according English Alphabet it should be somewhere at the end, but it sorts between letter "I" a...


Custom curtain wall panel not working

HelloI've created a pattern with the morph tool and saved it as custom curtain wall panel but when i try to apply it on my curtain wall it only give me a white plain surface.i've tried lots of youtube tutorials but nothing worked... please help me if...

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Douae by Newcomer
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