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Stair Connections - Beam Unknown Entities

Hi all, I appear to be getting some odd extras generating when I use a Beam structure for my stairs. It only occurs to the bottom of the stair when the support connection type is set to Horizontal or Vertical Connection... On a side note, when I set ...

Set standing seam locations - Roof and Wall coverings

Can someone help me to set the locations of the standing seams on a roof and wall covering please. They are regular spacings but I need to be able to offset them from the end a certain distance thanks

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ARCHICAD 22 Update Preview 4001 Released

Hello Everyone, Today we have made the preview version of our first ARCHICAD 22 Update available. We have created and tested packages for the INT and USA versions so far and they both passed our Quality Control. Starting from ARCHICAD 22, we are crea...

Efficiency in BIM

Hi, This may be a bit of an open ended topic but I wanted to get experienced user's feedback on this topic. There's a strong argument for BIM that whilst the initial setting up of the model may take a bit of time, it saves you heaps of time in the lo...

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Resolved! Is there a way to have props expanded in the info box all the time?

Hi, TGF thinking here . In the more BIM-oriented projects we work with I'd like to to have the properties expanded in the info box all the time. It takes too much time to click to open "Properties". When we can we use schedules but quite often it's m...

Priority Based Connections between Slabs and Walls

I'm not able to get connections between a specific material in the slab and the same material in the wall. How can I troubleshoot this? When I bring up the composite, there's no way to play with intersection priorities there; I have to close the wind...

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Junction between existing and proposed slabs

I have an existing slab and a proposed slab that abut. I'd like to have it so that there is no visible junction between them on the floor plan. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing? They're both level, don't overlap, the same material. Having s...

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solid element operation not working

i have a slab that i'm trying to use as the operator on a wall, both are basic structures. the operation doesn't do anything. i have subtracted the walls from the mesh no problem, and the slab from the mesh, but i can't do any other operations to the...


I want to reduce number of layers from an old file, which is in mess. I turned off all layers and turned on only one (named "A - rasvjeta") and checked all stories, all sections, elevations, worksheets and there is nothing. But when I want to delete ...

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