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Resolved! Archicad 26 - Line types not changing

Hi All,I am working on customizing my template file, adding my layers, pen sets, View Settings, etc... As I work through that, I realized that I am not able to switch from one line type to the other. It is stock on "Solid" as the line type. Any recom...

lfm1791 by Contributor
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Resolved! Weird roof projection

Hello Was cleaning up my model and I kept noticing some weird volumes that I couldn't select, finally found the source, but i have never seen this before. I use the roof tool to make the roofs, I didn't notice this before but it seems the roof projec...

Foti by Enthusiast
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New Archicad Modeling Tutorial from ASM Techbase

New Archicad tutorial from ASM Techbase is online now. Called: CLEVER USE OF THE CURTAIN WALL TOOLIn this tutorial you will learn how to take advantage of some of the great tools Archicad has to make modeling a lot easier.As always enjoy! Carsten htt...

Resolved! Complex Profile Missing from Hotlink

Hello all, We have a structural model hotlinked into our main pln, which contains some beams with custom profiles, for example W12X14. I noticed a lot of duplicates in the hotlinked and main pln, so I went into the Attribute Manager and deleted all o...

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Multiple Issues

1) When Archicad crashes* and you reopen, when you choose the autosave file and open, Archicad CLOSES THE PROGRAM AND REOPENS A NEW ITERATION ALL OVER AGAIN. How do you stop this? Just open the file as normal, I don't need the program to load twice. ...

FCA by Contributor
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Stairs landing_tread

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the Stair tool when I try to apply a profiled Tread as a finish. The result is ok for the flight tread and riser, but the profile gets applied on the land for the same width (attached). I have already activated t...

Smail by Participant
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Resolved! Sailcloth roof

I am designing a carport with a sail cloth roof. I've created the shape using the terrain tool but the sagged nature of the placed material is very angular, rather than catenary curvy. Any suggestions?

KeesW by Advocate
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Proper graphic for walls joining?

I have an existing wall joining a new wall and for the life of me I cant get them to show in plan properly. The attached image is what keeps showing.What is the trick?Thanks

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