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Frame outline is missing in plan view for curtain wall

I am working with curtain wall. Modelling part is complete but facing a problem in graphical representation. In the plan I just can see the cut line of transom and mullion but can't see the frame outline I need to show the frame outline in the plan. ...

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Same mesh, Different output AC23

Hi guys. I have copied a mesh from one job to another though the elevation views display the mesh in a different manner even though all settings are the same in both mesh and elevation marker. I have even copied in the elevation marker to no avail. T...

Archicad Mesh from Surveyors Data not aligning with Survey

Hello, I have recently created a mesh from surveyors data for the first time and wanted to know if anybody has experienced issues with the mesh points not aligning with the Referenced survey. The mesh points are out of alignment by a few millimetres....

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Before launching the simulation : - Do I first create the THERMIC ZONES or the STRUCTURES - before launching the simulation ?

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Adding Opening to Existing Roof

Hi All, I keep stumbling over this time and time again; I do a lot of plans for loft conversions. I have an existing roof which is being kept but the proposal is to add a box dormer. This will require cutting a hole in the existing roof. I can not fi...

Resolved! why this slab cuts my wall? :arrow: :arrow:

infuriating problem... this wall shouldn't be cut through slab but it is. when i hide slab, you can see wall real high is higher than how it seems. why could it be? i want to see all real wall. (not worked) (hided slab)

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