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Component Level Design Workflows - Conversation & feedback

Hi All, Now in Archicad, most design and data are handled at the element level - assigning properties, using Graphic Overrides or setting renovation status are a few examples.To express design intent and extract data at a more detailed level, the com...

James B by Graphisoft
  • 127 replies

Resolved! Bay window in walls

Hello.How to draw typical bay window with walls like in attachment? Standard "bay window" (and "bow") type does not "cut" the walls. The closest thing I've come with is to place window openings and then put "bay window" there, but standard "bay windo...

stair riser offset from corner landing

I am unable to edit the riser "offset from corner" of landing. If I draw a new stair the offset works fine. I guess I just need to draw new stairs when I want to edit this?

Why is the AC25 Kitchen cabinet tools so bad???

Have been really excited to about getting our hands on AC25 for the new Kitchen Cabinets tools.We use Cad Image at our work, which are extremely good, but super complex. Was excited to hear Graphisoft were upgrading and simplifying Archicad cabinet s...

Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 5.47.22 pm.jpg

Cadimage keynote to Autocad what a mess

We have the Cadimage keynote at the office and we have the following problem. Went save as AutoCAD leader Cadimage explode everything. What a mess. Our client wants the label to be leader. We have to redo all annotation in the project.

mhoude by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Parametric objects

Based on the reply I received from SenecaDesignLLC I did some research on the paramo tool, and it looks like it is only available on Archicad 24, and I am financially unable to upgrade from the version 22 I am working with. I am hoping there is anoth...

Parametric objects

I was finally able to download the rfa files I wanted from the vendor I got them from, but when I performed the download I got the following note: imported library part will NOT be parametric. My question is, does this note ALWAYS pop up when you imp...

Existing Exterior at new roof slope

I have an existing exterior wall and and and existing roof and I want to demolish half of my roof and show a new roof with a different slope. Do I build a new exterior walls at these gap?  

existing.JPG new.JPG
dhnguyen by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Curtain Wall Door Swing - one shows - one doesn't

Hi All-- Been searching everywhere and reading all the related posts I can, but still no answers - trying to understand why only one door in my curtain wall is showing as open. When I created the wall both doors were showing the swings, but for some ...

Resolved! Point Cloud - Rotate Z and Y axis

Hi. I am using the iPhone to create point clouds for small rehabilitation works. I am testing the apps 3dscanner, Canvas and Modelar. With all of them I have the same problem: When exporting to .e57 or .xyz, the Y and Z axes not only do not have the ...

Atort by Contributor
  • 8 replies