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Curved / filleted window reveals

How would I go about modelling curved / filleted window reveals? This sort of option isn't available in the reveal options, or in the GDL WALLHOLE capabilities. I'm thinking the only way is to create a custom object, and perform an SEO on all the ope...

Bruce by Booster
  • 7 replies

creating vertical element following 3d spiral

Hello! Which tools would you recommend for constructing something like in the photo? I know I can create the ramp by using morph, beam or wall tool, but I am having problems with creating the vertical element. Thank you!

Resolved! sweeping in 3D

Hello! Is it possible to sweep a profile along a line in 3D, for example along a spiral, going upwards? Thank you!

Resolved! Moving Elements Between Templates

I'm completely new to ArchiCAD and I have a question with regards to a template and moving things like walls from one to another. By that I mean I have looked at a couple of different templates and for example, one has a wall type I would like to use...

Dylan by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Energy Model

Hello All, I am having an issue with uncovered area while running Energy Model review in Thermal Blocks Tab. The area of uncovered area is too much even more than area figure. Already checked all zone assigned within thermal block and all zoned are a...

Intersection Priority

I typically start the bottom of my exterior walls at the same level as the top of my foundation so that my exterior finish, such as stucco, will cover the mud sill and floor assembly. The intersection priorities of my 2x6 wall, floor assembly and 2x6...

Amer by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

building materials

Hi all was just wondering if there is a reason that when you assign a building material in GDL scripting to an object but it doesn’t show up in schedules when using the assigned building material as the criteria ? i can elaborate if need be.

How do I close a gap?

I would like to know how to close this gap. I would want to use a curtain wall and just close it, but I cannot figure out, how to make the curtain wall go along that shape. I apologise for this stupid question. I am a begi...

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