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Ci Tools window + door scheduler problem

Hey Gurus, im having a problem where the Ci Tools window + door scheduler will only update when i go to "CI Tools" - "Door + Windows" - "Update Schedule". Even when i have marked the "Auto Rebuild" box. And when i use this function "Update Schedule" ...

Resolved! Hide Reveal Settings

I'd like to hide the "Reveal Settings" tabpage, which is listed under "Settings"I created a custom Window with my own tabpages, but the tabpage "Reveal Settings" automatically shows. 


modules in v24 vs v25

Hi, I just noticed the when i save a module in V25 the file is 3x bigger than when i save the exact same stuff in v24. Is this a bug, or what? Thanks in advance

Resolved! Black Dots in Archicad

Necesito ayuda, si alguien puede indicarme como solucionar este inconveniente. me aparecieron bolas negras en el diseño y no se donde o como se configura eso. ya desinstale el programa pensando en que se podría solucionar pero no. Translation - I hav...

Mahicol by Participant
  • 2 replies

Shadow of the sun in elevation

I have two constructions: one existing and other proposed. We set the North (Options -> Project Preferences -> Set Project North) and I considered the Sun position on 21.12.2022, the Eastern time (07:53). By opening a 3D layout window of the 2 constr...

3D.JPG S-E elevation.JPG South elevation.JPG plan.JPG
johanes by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Zone reduced area floor plan lines

Is it possible to show lines of calculated zone area substraction? I've set the height limits and the calculation works but I would like to make those height limits visible in floor plan.

Resolved! Merging two templates - attribute management?

Hi folks,I'm scratching my head in front of the inevitable I guess. I have a pretty good arch tpl and now we'll get our 20 landscapers to move from Autocad+NovaPoint to Archicad+Land4 which is really great for everyone except for the one having to wo...

Dwg terrain importing

Hello guys, im new on this forum. Today I've recieved from Geodesist dwg file from terrain. In this file i see this points with numbers of height but when i look this terrain from the sides it is flat terrain but its not (its 1-2m difference) , of co...

Mr_X by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! AC25 coordinates errors

I'm having the worst day since I switched to AC25.I would like to mention that in AC23 the coordinates and survey point worked perfectly.Now, the coordinates are giving me headaches. I have placed the survey point in the location of the real Topo sta...

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
Chris_Lz by Contributor
  • 3 replies

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