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AC 17 - Cycle Selecting in Plan

Is anyone else having a problem cycling through overlapping plan items? I've just upgraded to AC 17, and I've lost my ability to cycle select. I'm clicking in the same spot, and I used to be able to cycle through objects in the same place. Am I missi...

micacchi by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

Wall joins in archicad 17.

Im having an issue where my wall joins arent joining on 45 degree angles in 3d like with ac 16. when i try to use custom profiles to make a column, it leaves lines in the sides, it also seems to cause issues with wall coverings. the attachment shows ...

Need to show folding doors on a 90º track

Need to show folding doors on a 90º track without the track showing in plan. Perhaps part closed, then turn 90º and folding...any ideas? When closed, the doors will form music practice rooms, when open will allow the area to be used for other purpose...

folding doors.jpg

AC 17, Moving in 3D, Auto level assignement

Hi, AC17 is great really, But it's really annoying, In 3D view when I move object (form, wall, slab...) in heigt AC auto change the level assignment. And it is not a good thing !!! Is there a way to disable this auto-function?

Mystery embedded objects

I'm having problems deleting objects from the embedded library. The Library Manager shows that it has 2 libraries embedded that are associated with 2 Hotlink files (see screen shot #1), but when they are clicked on, the 'delete' (red X) button is gre...

Aligning 3D textures on Complex Profile Beam

I created a complex profile for the raked gable end of a roof and assigned a roof shingle texture to one of the components that make the profile. I placed a beam using the complex profile and all is well except I am unable to align the 3D texture. If...

Custom Window in Archicad 15

hey guys, i am trying to make this custom window below by profile manager, but i can't make it! please heelp! thanks in advance

rosiii by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

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