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Resolved! Wobbly reflections in Cinerender

Hi, We are having issues wiht reflections in Cinerender (ArchiCAD 21). As you can see from the attachment, the reflections are coming out wobbly, instead of in straight lines as per the original subject. We are using the standard material from the ca...

elevations rendering questions

hello guys!i have archicad 20 and i want to save my elevations(or sections) as 1) a pdf or jpeg with textures and materials and stuff like that(textures as in the perspective). or 2) to save them as dwg document can you tell me the steps i have to fo...


Hi: Is there a way to auto scale dimension, texts, labels for different drawing scales in layouts? I draw a detail 1:5 scale for the final layout, but I have to send a particular detail to a vendor and create another layout letter size and place the ...

adjusting dimension in plan view

It's so hard for me to take a simple dimension, let's say 3'-0", and I want to take the tick mark and move it over to make it 3'-3". In AutoCAD I can just simply grab the tick mark and move freely, how do I do it here in ArchiCAD? Also once a dimensi...

camera troubles

hello guys!i have some troubles with the camera. I want to make a perspective view through the 1st floor,but if i select my camera and i choose SHOW SELECTION/MARQUEE IN 3D,a ground floor perspective appears on my 3d viewport i have archicad 20 im ne...

drawing title

I wanted to increase the font size for the built in drawing title to something bigger than what it's set to. When I right clicked on the "drawing selection setting" and changed the font size, the font doesn't get increased. What am I missing?

Isolate Fill only

I have 2D lines and fills on the same layer. If I use the "Quick Layers" tool and isolate the fill, the 2D lines also comes along with it instead of getting turned off. Is there a way to turn off the lines and keep the fills on?

defpoints layer

In AutoCAD there is a layer that is called defpoints, where anything on it can show up, but it wont get printed. Does ArchiCAD has a similar layer? I don't want to create a layer and have it turned off on the layer combination.

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