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Cut Zones in 3D document

I'm trying to create a 3D document section by using the marquee tool. The results in the 3D Window are as expected. However, in the 3D Document, the Zones being cut through are always solid, no matter what "Cut Elements" setting is chosen in the 3D D...

jkershaw by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Adding new objects

I am using AC SE 21. I downloaded few objects from BIM components portal, but when I try to upload them in my AC library the objet selection is inactive. Can anyone guide me on this? Thanks in advance.

Royal_M by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Renaming a view in Project Map

Why is it that sometimes I can change the name of a view in the Project Map and other times I cannot? I have found this to be inconsistent so far. I have sections right now that I can rename and sections that I cannot rename. What are the factors? I ...

Adobe PDF 'Reduce File Size' Error

Greetings All, After Publishing a larger set ( 56.9 MB ) from either ArchiCAD24 or 25, I can not use Adobe Acrobat DC to 'Reduce File Size'. The PDF starts to load, but crashes mid-way. Does anyone else have this issue? Below are the many steps I hav...

Hotlink Module Line type is not udating

By mistake the 2D linetype was set to hidden in the original plan then I saved it as a Module file. I Hotlinked the Mod to my project pln and once I changed the scale of the plan view to a larger scale, then I could see that the linetype was set to "...

Metaverse news from Graphisoft clients

Hello Community! Let me share some exciting news about Archicad and the Metaverse. One of the Graphisoft clients, LC Waikiki, has been working on their Metaverse store for a while and yesterday they have published a short demo. The demo is created by...

Resolved! Window Schedule Graphic Issue on Sheet

Hello All, I have created the window schedule in my project as you can see in the image-01 which shows properly and when I drag and drop on the sheet it will show me a black solid fill hatch on it as you see in the image-02. So anyone knows about thi...

Image-02.jpg Image-01.jpg
User-01 by Contributor
  • 9 replies