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Surface Label bug with wall direction

I've discovered a bug with the Surface Label (22 & 23) that makes it unreliable in practical usage: it will read the opposite of the wall if the wall direction is flipped. Try it: 1. Draw a wall with different surfaces outside and inside 2. Apply the...

Bruce by Booster
  • 4 replies

Change N/A settings in Worksheet View

How do I permanently change either the Structural Display, the Graphic Override, or the Renovation Filter in a Worksheet? I can change these settings in the Worksheet itself (and I get the warning dialog), but these do not change the View Settings - ...

Bruce by Booster
  • 0 replies

Drawing frames extremely faint

In AC22 the drawing frames were a nice clear dashed line. In AC23 they have changed it so it is a very faint dotted line. I turn drawing frames on and off to align my drawings on the Layout but with this new drawing frame line type it is quite hard t...


I have an blown up section plan that I am doing and also a corresponding Reflected ceiling plan. How do I make sure (for lack of better words) view ports are the same size on each page that I need to add ? For example i would like that the plan and t...

Resolved! Assing a zone to multiple rooms

Hi everyone, In certain situations I would need a zone to be assigned to multiple rooms so that it calculates their combined area. The problem is, whenever I do that i basically have to do it manually because the zone updating tool would only work fo...

T_S_ by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Control pens for storeys below

Hi Everyone. I have a mutli-level building and on some levels I would like to information for the level below. I can set the floor cut plane, but there is no pen control. Is there any way to control pens like in section / elevation views where object...