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Hello All, I have made some complexe profile wall for which i'd also need to get the quantity to reflect in the wall material schedule. For normal walls, no problems, the material appears in the same sequence as on the wall: from ext to int. For comp...

RVT. Hotlink import Embedded library

Hey All, When I import an RVT file into Arch24, all objects get placed into the embedded library. Now when i export that folder to an external location, it doesnt allow me to then delete the embedded library files. Does anyone know why the embedded l...

Find & Select - ability to use Library Part Parameters

I've created a schedule to display doors/windows and added a parameter that is read from the library part -> depth off upper frame. I now need to update several of these windows, i.e. those that have an upper frame of 67mm.The best way in doing this ...

AC-FindSelect_LibraryPartParameter-002.png AC-FindSelect_LibraryPartParameter-001.png

Removing bad complex profiles

I have had issues with my AC 25 file crashing everytime I try to change any object that is interacting with a series of complex wall profiles that I created. I am not sure why these complex profiles create problems as they are simple and use standard...

My custom fill is showing up black

For some reason when I create a new pattern, my fill shows up black.For example, this is supposed to be a 12x24 tile pattern. (this happens with my more complicated patterns as well)I drew the pattern with lines in 2DCopied itIt looks normal here but...

Fill issue.PNG kerbz_0-1647375435109.png
kerbz by Newcomer
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Resolved! Turn model on Layout

Hello, I have a project with 3 buildings at 3 different orientations on one site. I would like to have all buildings orthogonal to the layout. When I rotate the view on the layout the markers do not stay horizontal. What is the best way to make each ...

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Walls have disappeared in 3D

Hi, I am Archicad 25 on the student licence, I have just been amending my site and suddenly my walls have disappeared. I have tried to get them back via the layers, however, nothing I have done has fixed the issue. Any Advice or support is welcomed! ...

Screenshot 2022-03-14 202731.png

Resolved! Shadows in 3D view

Is there a way to turn off the shadow effect when viewing the 3D model? I have been all over the AC help files and when I see something that looks like it might work l find that the popups shown are the same as AC25. There has to be instructions some...