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Zone Boundary Black Dots

Can someone explain why black dots appear on some manually placed zones? They seem to appear when the zone boundaries are colinear with walls. What are they and how do I turn off this feature? Thank you.  


Can MEP ducting be drawn vertically from a horizontal run?

EDIT: Yes, the height of the duct can be changed whilst drawing it using the arrows in the palette under Construction Method Can MEP ducting be drawn vertically from a horizontal run so that AC ducting can run under and over beams and other roof memb...

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Too Long by Enthusiast
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Archicad 26 - Multi Plane Roof Not Showing Object Edges

I am in the process of setting up a new template for my work, have been using an old one from 2009, I am struggling to get the Multi Plane roof to show up on my floor plans. I am using a custom Complex profile for the roof, its set to the existing re...

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empty window with casing

Hi I would like to create an empty opening that has a brick/stone surround. Normally I create my windows and add the brick surround with the outside casing setting. But this setting is not available with empty windows. Any suggestions on how to creat...

Visibility of doors/windows (questions)

Hi In Revit you can hide doors or windows in a view with "hide category in view" command.If I understand correctly there is no way to control the visibility (hide/unhide) of the doors in Archicad? Doors can't be put on a separate layer? In Revit, if ...

13senpai by Contributor
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Resolved! Dimensions_Two walls or lines

There is one thing about Archicad dimensions that I haven't figured out yet. I need to quote the blue line you see in the image. In fact, I want to dimension a line that starts from Point A and arrives ORTHOGONAL to the wall at Point B.HOW THE HELL I...

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Unabend by Booster
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Resolved! Copying a selection from a floor plan to others

Hi, I wondered if it was possible to copy a selection of elements from a floor plan to others floor plans in one click, and not by copying/pasting to every other floor plan distinctly. I know that I can copy all the beams (for example) from a plan to...

Myrha18 by Contributor
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Door opening lines are reversed

Hi I have a set of exterior double doors, glazed that open inwards, and another set of identical doors that open outwards. In elevation and 3D views the opening lines are not the same. One door has the opening lines going into the the door handles, a...