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Window reference line and rough openings

A couple questions about windows: 1- Is there anyway to set a window in the wall using the reference line of the wall? I draw my walls so the reference line is the face of the exterior sheathing, not finish. I would like my windows to be placed using...

NILAM by Participant
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Floor finishes on plans ...zones hatch accessories???

How to show floor finishes on a plan? Zone.... but if I want to use the zone on other plans I have to use an GO which I only managed to use by saying the hatch should be overriden with a white pen. Now my kitchen object has small gaps caused by it. H...

Sections - from model or change to 2d?

We had a conversation in the office. For tender/construction drawings, how much do you fix the section (after you changed from just grey walls floors etc to showing the build ups) and how much do you transfer this information in a 2d drawing (and fin...

Resolved! Removing Unwanted Morph Lines

I need to draw an entry arch and since it has a profile I am using the morph tool. I am able to creat the arch I am needing to draw but I now have a bunch of unwanted lines. Is there a better way to create this arch and is there a way to delete the u...

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Resolved! Wall surfaces

Hi, I am evaluating the trial license of Archicad 26. Very new to the program. So basic questions coming :). Tried forums and resources, but as of now cannot find my answers.Two things that I cannot figure out:1. How to change the window casing color...


Open version 10 pln file in version 26

Is it at all possible to open a version 10 pln in my version 26 so I can view in 3D and measure from this way for builder? Is there a way to do it?

kbate by Newcomer
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Can anyone explain this because I have to use the shell editable triming operation several times in project and it seem it is not working propery. Although the material priorities are correct (plaster-EPS-gypsum board) they are not taken in considera...

Botonis by Expert
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