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Resolved! How to calculate the total lenght of cable carriers used?

Hi, I was tasked to route cable trays and cable ladders for the new factory and now my supervisor would like to know the total length of cable trays used. And not all cable trays and ladders were the same - they differed in width, so I would need to ...

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Resolved! Simple Curved Roof

What's the recommended way for doing a simple roof at the top of a curved wall? Like a barrel roof. There used to be some functionality to do this that doesn't appear in ArchiCAD 26. I know I can use complex profiles, but it's not a roof, such as if ...

svpribyl by Contributor
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Slab Offset from .MOD to .PLN

I'm working on a small apartment building. The unit is modeled separately and hotlinked into the .pln as a .mod file. The story settings are exactly the same between the .mod and .pln files. The slab composite profile is exactly the same. However, th...

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cwstein by Newcomer
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how to create the detail of ramp in plan?

i find it difficult to display the detail of ramp on the layout plani don't know who to describe, but when i draw the layout plan, i need to show the center line of ramp and the arrow parallel line on bold sideplease look at the attached image to und...

Resolved! AC24 mirror copy walls leaves a gap in the copy ?

I have mirrored and copied walls to create the other side of a joined duplex but it has made a gap on the other side between the wall junctions. I have applied many troubleshooting methods but cannot resolve the problem. It’s absolutely bizarre ? A b...

mthd by Advisor
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Problems with colouring the walls

These walls are both set to be all white, but the one on the left doesn't change. Both walls were "cropped" to fit to the roof. I just don't know what to do Please help 

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Ninox by Newcomer
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Resolved! Complex profiles corners

Using a complex profile (Foundation wall) in a continuos manner, or using two separate walls and then intersecting them do not show a clean corner., they show an ugly overlap of both, the wall portion and the footing edges belowUsing AC25 and out of ...

Settings View of 3D Objects on 2D Worksheet

I'm trying to make a 2D Section drawing which involves placing furniture objects into the line drawing (for instance the Dining Table Rectangle 26), but when I place them they're always in the top view. Is there a setting to change objects to the fro...