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Resolved! Stairs in 3D

In my model I placed a stair and in 3D it shows the headroom volume. I don't want to see it so I set the vertical height to 0.00 feet. Unfortunately, while it squashed the volume to a flat plane it still shows at the top of the stairs. Is there a way...

Wall plinth in door openings

I created walls with projecting plinth with the complex profile. Great but I can't get the plinth to wrap around at the door openings. Graphisoft helpline advised to add a separate object button the plinth object just disappears in the door openings....

Drawing walls etc with global coordinates?

Hi. A colleague is doing larger schemes and has to draw multiple buildings and garden/landscaping with global coordinates. Is it possible to draw a wall for example and say that this wall should start at specific global coordinates? Or is there a lab...

Resolved! Measurement tool

In most of my work I have a need to make consecutive measurements at various locations on the floor plan. As an example, in some designs the columns are not on a uniform grid and thus when placing a door or window at the center point between columns ...

Resolved! Divide

Is there a divide part command like in autocad? what is the way to divide a line evenly

Resolved! composite wall not showing

Help please!! I'm creating a new template from scratch and new composites. When creating it, I made sure to mark that it could be used as a composite for walls.However, when drawing the wall, I cannot see my newly created composite; it's just red. I ...

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Resolved! Issue with moving columns and certain other objects being very slow

I have an issue where as I click to move or copy a column (I've seen this in other objects as well, and it seems to be linked to the building materials or surfaces tab in the object toolbar) the wheel starts spinning and archicad seemingly iterates o...

Kvalheim by Contributor
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Lines showing between two floors in 3D.

Hi everyone,I use ArchiCad 20 and once in a while when working on multiple floors, I see a line showing between two floors. Please how can I make it disappear?


Resolved! Keep Solid Element Operation Open by default?

Is there a way to keep Solid Element Operation Window open by default? Every file requires me to open it from fresh even though I use it everyday. What is the reason for this? Am I doing something wrong?

FCA by Contributor
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