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Resolved! Connection between beams with different widths

I want to make sure there are no overhangs where the arrows are, but I think this is the best solution.How are you doing? in REVIT If you do not combine with a disallow join in the revit and place it in the desired location, it is automatically combi...

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Is there no priority for beams and columns?

1. Columns are not visible! Pillars were installed on the first floor and beams were installed on the second floor.After that, the pillar is not visible.So I had to raise all the columns to Display order.Is this the only way? in archicad It doesn't s...

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Resolved! Can’t find the slab edge tool in AC24 ?

I am having difficulty in finding the slab edge tool icon in AC24. I have the CI Objective Tool loaded but I can’t seem to locate the slab edge tool icon ? There was a similar bug that was addressed in an update for the Objective Tool at one time. I ...

mthd by Advisor
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Resolved! Photos in 3D

I am trying to find out whether or not a photo can be inserted into the 3D view or if the "Editing Plane" grid can be changed to a photo so that the actual site shows when taking "pictures" of the 3D design. That would save having to transfer the 3D ...

Resolved! Eye dropper behaving badly after cmd + F (Find and Select)

Hello everyone! I've noticed that when i click cmd+F, the eye dropper won't work until i click somewhere or do any action except eye dropper. Don't know when this started the first time. Might have been with AC 26. But can't be sure. this problem is ...

Frillex by Advocate
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L shape corner column

Hello. The issue is how to connect the 2 columns to form a L shape column in the corner of the building (as there is no free form design method for column - there should be.(The Multi segment column to my understanding cannot solve this. It is for co...

Ancha by Contributor
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Resolved! why is data missing from my zone stamp?

hello everyone, i have placed a zone stamp, carefully gone through all the tabs in the settings dialogue and selected what fields i would like shown. but the stamp does not show what i've chosen. see pics. it shows most of what i chose in the preview...