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Wall contour from current floor on floor above

Hello, I am trying to achieve the projected wall from ground floor story to the roof story. In picture one, is the effect i achieved using show wall on al relevant storys but i can't see through it, it cuts the roof In picture two is the effect i wan...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Slow window refresh in A21

Hello all, on my Win10pro with Ryzen 8 core with 64Gb Ram and 1060 with 6Gb video i got very slow refresh when switch between 2 views. Its a TEAMWORK project. No problem in ArchiCAD22 or Archicad20, only in v21. Refresh can be about 30 sec. On mac no...

Spiral with newel

Please how can I make a spiral with diameter of less than 1 meter such as 700mm? I can do it only around 1 meter or bigger! Thanks

Eman by Participant
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Curtain Wall Panel Element ID

For enlarged elevations, we tag each curtain wall panel with type. I'm using the new panel classes in Archicad 22 to create all of my panel types, set the element ID in the panel types to be consistent with our legend, then I label them on the elevat...

Mesh tool not working like the video

I have created a mesh rectangle. Selected it. Then use the magic wand over a 2D cad drawing on a worksheet which is showing contours as a trace and reference. I had the spacebar and click, but the mesh deselects. There was no Magic Wand icon on the c...

Cropped Composite Dropdown

Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but my composite drop-down menu is cropped so that I can only see part of the composite name (see attached picture). To be able to see the entire composite name I have to open the composite pallet and it li...

Metal web joist object size

Has anyone been able to adjust the height of the "Metal Web Joist" object (in the AC22 library) to match current posistrut sizes? I need to use a posistrut that is 360mm high overall and cannot find a suitable setting within the object. If not, can a...

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