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Modelling BIM with PointCloud

Good day, Everyone. I works as engineer in compant that specialized on processing PointClouds. Right now I try to model BIM in Archicad and I got some questions . 1. Every PointCloud that I use for drawings/3d have same issues. Everything is curved. ...

Resolved! IF-OR-THEN Statement

Hi all, I appear to be unable to create an IF-OR-THEN Statement. When I try, the statement is ignored... If _clean = 1 then If GLOB_VIEW_TYPE = 4 or 5 then _status = 8 else _status = 15 endIf endIf I would rather not need to duplicate the statement f...

special stair modelling

Hi guys, i'm trying to figure out how to create this stair using the stair tool, i used to create custom stair risers, i had a good looking stair in 3D, but in 2D view, the stair symbols is like a simple stair, how to get a 2d view that reflects the ...

ellipse in morph

How do you draw an ellipse on a 2d morph? I want to cut an ellipse in a 2d morph so that it can be extruded up to form a tub surround. I can create the ellipse with the arc tool then convert it into a morph. It would be nice to have the arc/ellipse t...

Orientation and snapping point 0.006 degrees WRONG

This comes up with the norwegian template, it also snaps to this degree and it is making me nuts! Is there any way to change this? Pic highly related. This is a newly creadted document, not a single line drawn yet. what is going on??

trilyr by Newcomer
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How can i change the orbit shortcut in the mouse ?

how can i change the shortcut of the orbit -in the selection mode- which is as default (middle mouse button + shift) to be only by clicking on the middle mouse button just like SektchUp. as i am using both softwares, it make it a way harder for me to...

Resolved! Grasshopper live connection big problem

Hello I work online with 22 archicad and rhino, grasshopper, but I have a big problem that when transferring a project through grasshopper live connection to archicad22,Everything in the archicad22 is uneditabel and even the story setting of the proj...

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