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Resolved! Multiple zone view control on one floor plan

Hello. Long-time architect here, but short-time Archicad user. I'm on 25 now. Having fun. I am back to the residential world now, on my own, from billion dollar I'm learning as I go. I have set up my floor plans in the View Map as one...

Creating opening with framing

Hi I'm using Archicad 22. Currently, trying to make wall opening with adjustable size ( height and width) and automatic framing in it. Framing should be made from steel.2 colums on opening sides ( which must be taken from standart steel profile base,...


Fillet/Chamfer wont work!

hi, i was just wondering if anyone has had issues with the fillet/chamfer tool not working. everytime i click it with a polyline or wall, i get nothing! not sure if this is a bug or something i am doing wrong... thanks in advance!

Resolved! Setting a Mesh and Building to real-world Elevations?

I have a project in the Mountains about 9200 ft above sea level. I set my Project Location Altitude to 9200. I have no idea if that does anything, because it does not seem to. I want the site mesh contours to read Z-elevations to match the real-world...

How to draw a sloping slab on garage floor

Hi, I'm trying to draw a sloping slab on garage floor but not find the way, so I'm seeking help here. The slope slab is showed as picture below, the edge of AB is designed 3inch higher than edge of CD


Issue with Morphs and Rotated Grids in 3D window

Hi All - just checking in for other people's wisdom and experience here: I have a building that requires a number of rotated grids. In the 3d window, I can pick a rotated grid and use the construction planes to draw in a number of different orientati...

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AlexM by Contributor
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Help with walls behaving strangely

Hi I am a student having trouble with a wall in my house design. In 3d in the interior it is showing up the wrong colour, skinnier than in should be, the window frames are sticking out, and there is a gap to the intersecting wall. It looks fine on th...

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