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Vì Phải sở hữu Chìa Khóa, Cánh Cửa Trái Tim Mới Được Mở Ra Đỏ, cam, hồng hay nude - nghe đâu mỗi màu son đều gắn liền có một thời trang, một giai đoạn vững mạnh hình ảnh của Suzy. Hồ Ngọc Hà là nàng thơ street style được săn đón nhất trong khoảng các...

Autosaving backup copies

Hi In Vectorworks (my office's previous' CAD software), the program was able to save backup copies at periodic intervals (say 10 minutes) as you worked on the file in a designated folder, and it could save up to a certain number of most backups (e.g....

More about mesh

I am drawing a mesh that has an slope besides a road. I want to make a sidewalk of 1 meters, so what I need is to copy the boundary of the road and bring it back to the slope so the "Z" coordinates of the boundary will be kept into the slope making t...

user defined PRISM

Hi, I’m new to gdl, and I’m trying to create an object that is basically a PRISM but with the number of edges defined by the user. Is this possible?

Roof ridge height

Is there a way to set the roof ridge of a single plane roof to a certain elevation level?

anto_bg by Newcomer
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Property Label 21

Hi All, could some please tell if there is a setting I am missing in this Label and probably all labels where the Label can justify itself correctly? i. e. using the associate type with an arrow, drawing to the right works but it seems it's not intel...

Door Custom Corner

Hi all,Anyone know of a way to do a custom corner for doors? Other than thin faux walls the height of your opening.Ling.

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