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Libraries keep "going missing"

Ever since downloading Archicad 25 my libraries seem unstable. and seem to be missing? Even 25 objects? Simple objects like doors and windows? Ive redone objects too many times. where are they? I relaod and reload and remove libaraies and relaod and....

KJ22 by Participant
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Window and othe object gaps

Hi all! Is there a way to create window frames that have gaps among them? Also, do you know how to create correct UV maps in Archicad as I depict in the picture?


Archicad / Grasshopper Zone parameters

Hi, i Built a code in grashopper that load Zones from an excel sheet, the code loads Zone name, number, area , and creates zones in Archicad, Categories in the zone settings can't receive a text node, is there a possibility to make it work ? Thanks

Resolved! Exclude certain doors from a zone scheme

HelloI want to do a rough comparison of the floor area to the door/window area of an apartment-building on an apartment by apartment basis. I've set up a zone scheme, as it can give me both the floor area of the zone, as well as information on window...

Skjermbilde 2022-01-24 kl. 13.20.04.png Skjermbilde 2022-01-24 kl. 13.23.16.png

Resolved! Changing Archicad objects default background color

When I insert an object from the Archicad library, the bacround color is always either black or grey and I cannot change it. I want to have no background on the objects and just the outlines. I would like to know how to change this?

Näyttökuva 2022-1-24 kello 10.31.48.png
User1 by Participant
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Corrupted File: Cannot read Plan file ERROR

Hey guys.Im trying to open a important proyect and Archicad shows the messeage ''Cannot read Plan file''. I already tried the ''open and repair'' tool but it doesn't work. Also tried to opened on different computers and different Archicad versions bu...

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