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Window reveal to wall core

How can I set the Window to Wall core dimensions? When using a "stud wall with siding" closure dimension is greyed out.Do I need to make a change to the wall composite settings?  


Hotlink module and scheduling

Hi, I'm stuck with hotlink and scheduling. I would try to explain my problem. For native zones, I managed to make properties to split ID so I'd have separated apartment number and room number. I need the apartment number so I can use the headline in ...

JovanaS by Participant
  • 3 replies

Elevation benchmark display in 3D views

Hello, In a section view, elevation benchmarks corresponding to Stories are displayed per Section View Settings, but how does one add additional benchmarks such as important plate heights? For example, a section for a residential renovation project d...

Loutro by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Transparent filled regions problem

Hi everyone. I started having a rather unusual problem yesterday.For some reason , the transparent Filled regions became all of a sudden hatchy yesterday-as in the attached picture in Archicad though i have not changed anything unusual in settings . ...


Customizing dimension or level marker

Hello, from what I've been looking - there is no possibility to customize or add new marker to level dimension and section dimension tools - or am I wrong? I have recreated the level dimension the way I need using autotext label - it looks exactly th...

Defining Custom Colour Palette

Hi all, In the Edit Color sub-palette, how do you add an already defined colour to the Custom Colours list without overriding what is there? I have a set of Surface Colours which I am wanting to repopulate through my Pen Sets. Ling.


Elevation Style Showcase

Apologies if there has already been a post similar to this, but curious to see what elevation styles people use around the globe. Below are a couple of examples that I use, it's not a real project, more just enough elements to show use of colour, hat...

W1 West Elevation.png W2 West Elevation.png

plan wall view

Hello, Beginner question:On the attached plan, some walls are seen with hatch, some not. We need all seen hatched as this is a foundation dwg. We have checked everything. Help please!

Vegetation (2D) quantities?

Hi, Thinking of scheduling plants, bushes, trees etc. I would like to use fills but can't classify them thus rendering them not suitable for expressions. I need expressions for calculating number of plants per m2. I could make thin slabs that only sh...