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Interior details in 2D

I'm drawing interior details & elevations in 2D on 1 story... let's stay story 8. They need to be at different scales for the text/arrow/dimensions to show up properly. How do you do yours so that you don't end up creating many different stories beca...

Rendering Advice/Tips

Hi! I'm doing a remodeling and trying to achieve this look. The remodeled house is in color and adjacent is not, see screen shot. Thank you!

Jiffy by Newcomer
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Grey color in wall

My existing wall has a grey fill that I created as a new Building Material. In layout view, the grey color becomes black instead of staying as grey. How can I change the settings in layout so that I get my lines in black and white and the grey fill t...

Move level dimensions

Is there an option in Archicad22 to place the level dimensions on the spots where I am clicking or move them after they are placed? Because once I click OK, it automatically places them in one vertical line and after that they cannot be moved elsewhe...

Teamwork Publisher Set

Hi, I cannot add layouts to existing publisher set's folders, though everything is reserved. I can only add layouts to the publisher sets' root folders, but I cannot move them to the specific folder neither from there. (AC19, v3009, Teamwork) Thanks!

Curved Roof Segment Contours

Hi all, Is there a way to hide the segment contours of a curved roof in plan? This is primarily an issue when you have a circular roof that you want to show on the floor below as the apex then becomes an extremely dense spot of lines coalescing? Ling...