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Resolved! Archicad 26: Graphic Override Problem

I created a graphic override for Quality Assurance which rules that any element with "Undefined" Structural Function will be painted in orange and the rest will be transparent . But whenever I go to 3d, everything is transparent even if there one ele...

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Resolved! Ground rendering

Hi,When I try to render with Internal engine I don't know how to insert a ground image. I can only insert a sky image as the picture.

Eman by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Automatic Project Index with Layout books

Hi!I was wondering if there was a way to give some sort of ID for individual pages in Layout booklets to use in project indexes. I would like to make an index where each and every page can be individually listed. So far I only got this: Thanks for th...

fycsur by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Sluggish when panning

Ive noticed sluggish or laggy behaviour of late. Even more so with a trace active.I wouldnt rate my machine as slow, the CPU only uses 30% when panning around, I have 64gb of RAM and a RTX3090 GPU.Any tips to increase performance? Could this be to do...

Resolved! Dimension Text Settings Anchor Greyed Out

Why is the "Anchor" field of the dimension text settings greyed out? This would make inserting a second line under the dimension line much easier, right now we are just placing another separate text box, but this option would allow us (I think) to ce...


Resolved! How do I set up the zone schedule?

It has an area of 10X10. It is based on the REFERENCE LINE (center of the core), and I am trying to subtract the area with FILL.But how do I set it up in SCHEDULE?Measured Area can be used as the area of the wall centerline.The area of the Fill minus...

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