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Resolved! Transparent Railings

Dear Community, I was trying to make these type of railing into Elevation. Railings is made by a material, no matter what I tried I can't make it transparent.P.s Transparency is ON. I would like to make the Railing to be shown just like the hatch is,...

Railing 1.png Glass-Hatch.png Galender Elevation.png

Resolved! How to position the second dimension?

In Revit, there is a dimension snap distance, so when you go to a gap, the snap works so you can place it easily. I place it on the first dimension and move the gap again. I am a beginner. ^^I would appreciate it if you could tell me the easy way.The...

LeeJaeYoung_0-1665731725950.png LeeJaeYoung_1-1665731757549.png

Resolved! Show Custom Scheme in Change Manager

Hello, I feel there is no real way to do this but just in case I'm missing something: Is there a way to show a custom field from the Change Scheme under Changes in the Change Manager? For example I have a "Description" field in my Change Scheme, is t...


Resolved! Zone List

Hello I am trying to adjust a list someone else created and I am wondering where he/she found "DIN Berechnete Fläche" (DIN calculated area). When i type it in search tab it is not shown .... Anyone knows? Thank you!  

1 - DIN.jpg
tjasa by Enthusiast
  • 13 replies

Resolved! Twinmotion Datasmith Exporter for Archicad 26

Could anyone please confirm when the Twinmotion Datasmith exporter will be available for Archicad 26?This is becoming critical for our workflow.If this is not provided soon, we will have to keep working in v25, which makes me question why I would rem...

StephanS by Contributor
  • 17 replies

Marker Display

Hello Community,Once again I am requesting your help.We work on 2 different phases, one for the Municipiality and the other one for Construction, so we need two type of showings of Markers.I would like to ask if anyone knows a solution for Markers to...

Marker Display Construction.png Marker Display Municipiality.png

Resolved! document

Does anyone know how I make the furniture transparent to show the electrical points on the wall?

Rox22V by Participant
  • 1 replies