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Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

Scale25 Object resize

Hi, Im trying to place a scale graphic from the object library (Sclae25).When I place it on the mastyer layout it is much to large, however when I try to reduce its size it will not allow me to go below 1000mm in length. Any one know why this might b...

Window reveal to wall core

How can I set the Window to Wall core dimensions? When using a "stud wall with siding" closure dimension is greyed out.Do I need to make a change to the wall composite settings?  


Search & Find Layers Quickly

Hi! Once, watching a video I saw an architect that was able to search and find layers quickly within Archicad and select it just typping part of the name of the layers, and the layers with that name were highlighted ... It's a bit tedious to be up an...

Hotlink module and scheduling

Hi, I'm stuck with hotlink and scheduling. I would try to explain my problem. For native zones, I managed to make properties to split ID so I'd have separated apartment number and room number. I need the apartment number so I can use the headline in ...

JovanaS by Participant
  • 3 replies

Elevation benchmark display in 3D views

Hello, In a section view, elevation benchmarks corresponding to Stories are displayed per Section View Settings, but how does one add additional benchmarks such as important plate heights? For example, a section for a residential renovation project d...

Loutro by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Transparent filled regions problem

Hi everyone. I started having a rather unusual problem yesterday.For some reason , the transparent Filled regions became all of a sudden hatchy yesterday-as in the attached picture in Archicad though i have not changed anything unusual in settings . ...


Customizing dimension or level marker

Hello, from what I've been looking - there is no possibility to customize or add new marker to level dimension and section dimension tools - or am I wrong? I have recreated the level dimension the way I need using autotext label - it looks exactly th...

Defining Custom Colour Palette

Hi all, In the Edit Color sub-palette, how do you add an already defined colour to the Custom Colours list without overriding what is there? I have a set of Surface Colours which I am wanting to repopulate through my Pen Sets. Ling.


Elevation Style Showcase

Apologies if there has already been a post similar to this, but curious to see what elevation styles people use around the globe. Below are a couple of examples that I use, it's not a real project, more just enough elements to show use of colour, hat...

W1 West Elevation.png W2 West Elevation.png

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