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Curtain Wall Panels plan representation

Hi,on one of our recent models, we had a curtain wall with double glazing panels set up. When we initially had a single glazed panel, the linework showed correctly in plan view (image 1), wherein the panels join at center of the mullion. However, whe...

Curtain wall 1 - single glazed panel.png Curtain wall 2 - double glazed panel.png
as by Participant
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Resolved! mesh solid body not showing

Two related questions:I have a mountainous terrain that someone else created. It is set to show a solid body but its not. The screenshots show my settings. What needs to change to get it to show? I am concerned about experimenting on this file with o...

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 2.06.16 PM.png Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 2.05.20 PM.png

Element Transfer Settings and Section Name

The Cross Sections in my project file come from someone else and the settings are incorrect. I want to transfer settings and have been able to do that. However, now all my sections have the same name. I looked at Element Transfer Settings and have th...

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 11.21.30 AM.png

Resolved! Question about wall interconnection

Hello, when I am learning one problem happened. I drawed an interior wall surrounding a concrete wall using chained Geometry, but the conner interconnection showed as marked red circle in the picture, but if I drawed wall just in a blank place showed...

20211012.png Snipaste_2021-10-11_22-10-43.png

problems importing IFC files

Hello, I have Archicad solo 25 and I am not able to import most of the IFC files via merge to file (interoperability) or open from file option. some of the files come with .IFC extension and some with .ICF. All I get is message saying ' Can't open "W...

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can anyone explain to me why the doors and windows are not visible when I drag my project to the either of the A1,A2,A3,A4 Layout ,,the only thing I can see are just the openings but the doors and windows aren't visible

Ndegwa by Participant
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Resolved! MEP pipe connection not horizontal.

Hey guys, I have a question. That when using hotspot edit method to connect different height pipes, the edited pipe is not horizontal. As shown in the first pic.(Method B)Here is what I did.At first the two segments are horizontal.Method A: using Rou...

mep02.png mep01.png

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