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Wall end tool

Does the wall end tool work with complex wall profiles that one has created and saved. Can't get the wall to recognize or create an element. The documentation doesn't mention anything about it. Version 22. Thanks tom

Drawing a mesh with the magic wand.

I draw a mesh using he magic wand and a polyline contour and apparently worked ok, but when you zoom in I can see small differences between both borders, original poliline and final mesh, is this a bug?

Resolved! Use WALLHOLE / WALLNICHE outside of Doors/Windows?

Quick question regarding the WALLHOLE & WALLNICHE: Does the WALLHOLE or WALLNICHE command work on objects outside of windows/doors? Want to have an object cut a small niche in the wall, but I guess it's impossible without actually having the wall as ...

Setting maximum X/Y based on a circle

Hello, I have an object in which it is a circle or an oval shape based on A and B. I want to be able to add a dynamic hotspot which can only go to the border of that circle. How can I do this? 0, 0 is the centre of the circle. Thanks in advance!

JGoode by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Reference Planes

Hello, That's because Archicad doesn't have the same logic as Revit ; depending on what you want to do you can just use the 2D or 3D guide lines to place or align your element.

felcunha by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Edit Triple sash Window

The AC22 Triple Window makes the side transom windows an awning type. I want them to be fixed. I cannot find any way to do this. Is this possible? My preference would be to use OTB windows for the moment while I try to figure out the rather non-intui...

KrisM by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Door Stamp Issue

Hello, I have created a door and a window stamp but I'm having an issue where the stamp gets placed upside down when placing doors/windows at a certain angle. Is this a setting I can change in ArchiCAD or is it something I have to build into the obje...

JGoode by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Twisted building

Hey! I'm kinda new at Archicad so I was hoping that you could help me solve a problem I have. I'm doing a project for uni and it is a elliptical building that each floor rotates 3º, creating a twisting effect on the building (8 floors) . I already sa...

Drawing composites

I am drawing some cabins made of wood, that consists in the following layers, wooden boards horizontal wood ribbons every 60cm placed in a vertical layout vertical wood ribbons every 60 cm placed in horizontal layout My question is if I can create a ...

Connect Wall Surfaces on each side of Slab

When you have two walls on each side of a slab, is there any way to make the outer surface of the walls connect? If they can't connect, then there's a gap in the wall surface. I know I can override the slabs with a surface, but is there a way for the...

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