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Big-picture "ArchiCAD in the USA" questions

I have a couple of big-picture "ArchiCAD in the USA" questions for members of this group: 1. Who are the LARGEST Architectural Firms in the USA who use ArchiCAD? Any on the California Coast? To clarify: Companies that have 10 or more active/working A...

Resolved! Door Leaf - Archicad 22

Hi All, I've just upgraded to Archicad 22 (Solo) and I am having a problem with doors. It doesn't matter what leaf style I choose it only shows as a plain door. Is anyone else having this problem? George

Select archicad object

Hi All, I have one question about archicad live connection with grasshopper how I can select stair in archicad convert into Rhino via grasshopper? I select grasshopper component but I can not select stair object in Archicad? Thanks

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Copying objects from file to file changes linetype

Hi! When copying objects from one file to another the linetype in the symbol is changing. I tried deleting the object from the library and importing the linetype then copying and I have the same result. I also tried by adding them to the library and ...

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Version 22: problem with shadows in 3d explore mode

One of the most pleasant surprises of version 21 was the fact that shadows stayed when viewing the model in 3d "explore model" mode. In 22, I'm seeing some strange behavior with this: shadows will initially remain visible in the explore mode, but if ...

Selection no longer working after creating/editing patch

When I create a 2D patch and/or edit it after creating, I can no longer select other elements with my mouse (Cmd+A/Ctrl+A keeps working, as does Find+Select). Restarting AC solves the issue... Anyone familiar with this issue? Can't seem to find it on...

How do import LCF or DWG files in to my drawings?

Ok, so I'm new in the archicad world, and I've got a couple of dwg and LCF objects I want to put in my drawings, but I have no idea of how to get them there. I just have them saved in my normal hard drive, not in an archicad library, can anyone help ...

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D Marker 21 Polygon Shape rotation problem

I'm trying to create a simple door marker in a HL module that displays the Hotlink and Element ID of the intra unit doors with an oval marker polygon shape that is perpendicular to the door. I can achieve 90% of that. The last 10% is frustrating. The...

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