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Resolved! Ruled shell defined by previously drawn profiles

Is it possible to create a Ruled Shell, but instead of drawing its two profiles, just choose the previously drawn lines (profiles)? I managed to choose only the first profile of the shell (by holding space bar and clicking on the previously drawn lin...

Resolved! Edit Surface Texture

Howdy, it's been a while! Apologies in advance... I used AC10 quite a bit, and am slowly getting back into it, this time with AC19. Can't seem to figure out how to access/edit a texture PNG/JPG/etc to have it display in the 3d window (it renders fine...

so_pbg by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Re-ordering Items in Project Map

Sorry for such a basic question. I'm trying to tidy up my Template, and would like to re-arrange the order of some items in my Project Map. For eg. move Project Notes up to the top of the tree, change the order of my Worksheets etc. (I've tried drag ...

ShereeB by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Fill not appearing in list

Hello, I have 2 questions. First one very stupid maybe, but I am struggling to find how to create a new topic /question and this is why I am writing as a reply to something that might be a similar query ( If anyone could let me know how can I create ...

Eleni by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Missing windows components

When I choose a H-V grid with 2 vertical divisions in for instance a side sash, the preview shows in the window selection settings, but not in the 3d window. Please see the attached pic. Using the latest A/cad build & libraries.

Tiny by Newcomer
  • 15 replies

ARCHICAD Working Environment

ASM Techbase's new quick coffee tip. How to setup the same ARCHICAD working environment as ASM Techbase. I had a lot of subscribers asking me this, so here is a quick tutorial on ARCHICAD Working Environment. Cheers Carsten

Solid operation not visible in Plans!!

I am doing a series of simple operations (subtractions), using morphs as operators and slabs/walls as targets. The results show in sections but not in any of my plans. How can i fix that?


I know there must be a trick to fine tuning the column, beam, behavior when using with a wall. What happens: I detail out a wall with a beam, and 2 x columns. When used, they cut out the space in the wall. The result is my elevations show the notched...

Resolved! Break morph union

Can a union of morph elements be broken afterwards? If yes, how is it done? Thank you!

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