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CUTPOLYA problem

for some reason this bit of script isn't cutting around the middle section and it is just cutting the complete area. CUTPOLYa 11, 1, 0, -5, -5, 15, 5, -5, 15, 5, 5, 15, -5, 5, 15, -5, -5, -1, posx3, posy3, 1, posx2, posy2, 1, posx1, posx1, 1, posx5, ...

JGoode by Booster
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3D Poly with geometry inside

Hello, This is potentially quite a complex problem. I want to be able to create a mesh-like object where I can set the nodes in 3D and then populate that space with something e.g leaves, Thanks!

JGoode by Booster
  • 2 replies

Select view mark sections in layout

I find that is very useful to have all section markers activated in all plan views while working in the view area. But then in the layout we need to deactivate sometimes because there is no section relevant to the presentation. IS there a way to deac...

Zone colours

I am trying to draw zones with the color of his own category, but it is impossible. Only thing I got is grey shadow that don't know where it comes from. Also is it possible to have same categories but distinguish in color between new and existing ( I...

Defining a surface

Hello, How can I define a surface in my object? I have a specific colour that I want as RGB values but I'm not sure how to incorporate that into creating a surface. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks

JGoode by Booster
  • 3 replies

2D Cross Section Preview

Hello, We have a fire exit object that we want to display in a schedule. However the object is created using an image for the face of the object rather than 3D geometry so it doesn't show in the schedule in the 3D Front View. I tried to use geometry ...

JGoode by Booster
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Are they in a trace reference and not the actual view you are looking at? Or if you are in a layout maybe it is on the master layout? Barry.

Archicad and politics

As I anticipate the renwal of my 20+ years of being an Archicad user and owner, I can't help but notice the political world and changes. Being in the US, I know we're not immune from political issues but the more I read about suppression of of disent...

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