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Resolved! HOTSPOT on Elevation View

All of a sudden I am seeing several hotspots on Railings and Beams on my Elevation. It did not appear before, so I am guessing I might have accidentally changed a setting. Can someone help? I am attaching a screenshot of the elevation

Resolved! 45 deg Earth Hatch

Hi,Does anyone know how to create or download 45 deg alternating Earth Hatch, to represent cut through natural ground/earth?Please find attached. (The image is of a Structural Footing - AutoCAD)Regards,

cadsph Enthusiast
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Door and Window Tag Properties

This might be a silly question, but is there a way to change how the line breaks happen with door & window tags in Archicad 25? For example currently it sets up as:ID/Unit Dimension/Fire Rating/Acoustic Ratingbut I would like:ID Unit Dimension/Fire R...

Front Porch Example

Building this front porch using the Railing Tool, segmented Columns, and one really complicated segmented Beam is a great way to demonstrate the power of Archicad and learn more about tools you should be using everyday. Hope you enjoy the video: http...

Front Porch Stair_2022.png

Wall End not getting cut by beam

As seen in attached image, wall end placed using "Wall End" tool is not getting cut by concrete beam, based on material priority. Please let me know if any solution for this, Or do we have to manually adjust height of wall end.

Resolved! Losing Library Parts Upon Saving YET AGAIN

Hey, I'm having a similar problem in 2018 where when I saved a file, library parts go missing. My custom door leafs made from slabs are missing, my stair made from a mixture of design tools, including the stair tool, is missing, and tons of my textur...